we enjoy myself

i ride the painted pony through a desert in my mind forlorn i ride with no intent not stopping to enjoy only to endure that which i cannot express i pass through valleys with ceilings of cloud filled skies abundance overflows and no flower ever grew so tall as to reach that far off peak i ride til the stars that shine make me long for sleep and as i dream i feel the breeze el nino wind so warm and strong that it tosses my hair and covers my eyes so blind i ride side by side we enjoy myself and the characters created both real and imagined it gets crowded in here sometimes and we must stand to the side to make room and soon the crowd grows til one escapes then another a particularly tall boy must stoop to leave and in doing makes room for a shy girl with golden hair and rosy cheeks and when she speaks its a song or lilt filled with promise absent of guilt a promise and her brother thomas appear they join the crowd in my mind as i try to assess which one to be next blue houses wont sell and red ones are hell the picket fences elude though lustily pursued theres a promise in there somewhere of that im certain the color fades and become black and white a wisp of smoke shades of delight those sepia dreams that die in the night the pavement burns my feet and makes me long for a rest in the cool cool valley under moonlit skies warm and inviting like carnivals and cherry pies i won a prize there and cherished it for far too long why it meant so much i have no idea but i can tell you this i know where it is even to this day as i stare at the photo of the young boy holding it with a big smile in the garden of his youth in front of his mothers roses

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