Navigating a Toxic World

How do I survive in 2018 without becoming disillusioned?

Our environment is toxic and the current administration seems ok with that as long as there’s money to be made. Global warming is a hoax while the west coast burns year after year. If only we’d raked more. The drug industry inflates costs of life saving drugs while also addicting entire states to opioids all the time saying they didn’t think those drugs were addictive. How can you in good conscience allow over 9,000,000 oxycontin to be sent to one pharmacy in a town with a population of 450 and say you weren’t aware there was a problem?

Our country has meddled in the politics of countries all over the world, destabilizing the Middle East and much of Central America – and we blame the immigrants? No politician in their right mind is privy to all the information they have and thinks that is just.  Unless, of course, they’re getting paid. Just like it’s easy to fight over health care for millions of people when yours can’t be taken away.

How do we navigate this without becoming bitter? You look at the big picture. I’m a believer in the pendulum. It has swung so far to the right, to the greedy, to those lacking compassion or a world view that I feel optimism that the return swing is imminent. The recent mid-term elections say to me that America is fed up with the top one percent getting all the benefits. New faces are emerging on the scene. Corrupt, tired old men who are desperately trying to cling to the status quo are retiring and being replaced by a new generation of politicians. Can you imagine a legislative branch that works together to benefit their constituents? I can. If you remove the lobbyists and special interests they represent, you’re well on your way to reform. But that will never happen, right?

I know people will think I’m crazy for saying this, but I think Donald Trump has been good for America. Our political system has been broken for so long that we needed someone so corrupt, so incompetent, so sure that they could just keep raiding the metaphorical cookie jar that they wouldn’t see the writing on the wall. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Donald J. Trump. Can you imagine being as dirty as this man is and thinking you could withstand the scrutiny of the presidency? That’s either the epitome of arrogance or stupidity or a perfect storm of both. The Republicans hitched their wagon to this guy in a desperate attempt to stay in power. Think they regret that now?

The world has changed forever. There can be no doubt. We are all connected in a way we’ve never been before. The internet has seen to that. I couldn’t even tell you where Yemen was 20 years ago. Now I know exactly where it is and the atrocities that are being perpetrated on the people there, who supports it and who is responsible.

Trump will always have his base. Many people will follow the lowest common denominator. It’s just easier. I know lots of people who didn’t vote in the election because they didn’t care for either candidate. I can only say thank you. By ignoring your constitutional responsibilities that you otherwise scream for (see the Second Amendment) you gave us this smoldering lump that now resides in the White House. He is the once-in-a-generation blunder that can change society for the better and hopefully for a long time to come.

So how do I navigate this toxicity? With a smile on my face knowing that it’s the only way significant change will ever occur. I will never be foolish enough to be overconfident again. But I am a realist and this is my reality. I hope it’s yours too. Tick Tock. Thank you, Mr. Trump.

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