The Cartoon

It looks like our hero’s in trouble!

My initial retort to this was going to be a cartoon of someone shooting fish in a barrel because that’s how easy it is to respond. However, on further examination, I realized that in order to kill the fish you would need to shoot with a downward trajectory, thus rupturing the barrel and killing all the fish. Fortunately the gun nuts are taking away all our guns, so barreled fish everywhere rejoice.

On further review

Let’s think this through.

Scene 2

So the guy with the gun has held you up and taken your wallet. In the world as you see it, you’re packing. So as the creep starts to flee you whirl, draw and, with deadly accuracy, plug Mary, who’s just emerging from Starbucks, right in the latte. At which time the creep, realizing he’s being fired on, returns fire. Since he’s a criminal and he’s had practice at this sort of thing, now you’re dead, Mary’s bleeding to death in the street and your wallet’s still gone.

So can I mention a few facts here? OK I see you squirming in your seats. Don’t worry, it’s going to be an open book test.

No. of people killed with guns last year

 Japan 48

Great Britain 8

Switzerland 34

Canada 52

Israel 58

Sweden 21

West Germany 42

United States 10,728

OK, without cheating, who has a problem?

Can I just say that while you may believe my very existence is based on taking all your freedoms that were written with a feather 240 years ago, I  have never met a liberal who wants to prevent you from protecting yourself. We want common sense gun laws that would make the purchase of weapons more difficult for the bad guys and, therefore, more difficult for everyone – sorry – and outlaw weapons of war. You don’t need an automatic rifle so you can break out the windows of your Vegas hotel and kill and wound hundreds of people and if you do, you have worse problems than gun control. 

Just like the fallacy that liberals want open borders, the idea that we want to take away your guns is a lie perpetrated by the NRA to keep you in fear and make you buy more guns. If you can’t figure that out then stick to cartoons. I refer you to the top, rinse and repeat.

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