Birth of Jasmine Jazzman

I’ve been giving myself permission to write, not worrying about the result as much as the process. There’s a jasmine plant on the deck of the house where I live and although the blooms are gone for the year, I smell it always. Just like the jazz album I was listening to last night – long after “A Love Supreme” was over I could hear Coltrane burning and churning in my mind. I hear music all the time. I’m always amazed how I can recall the music and lyrics from a song I haven’t heard in decades and the inspiration that causes that particular song to spring forth. With that in mind, the Jasmine Jazzman was born; a forum for ideas that I have. A place to play. I’ve always loved words and try to delve into them, and not get too hung up on the meanings but play and say the soup of the day. I remember Bob Dylan giving an interview where he compared the way he used words to the way a mathematician uses numbers. A way to convey things you need to say or perhaps just play on the page with delight or rage, that which is uniquely yours, like a song or a story with a start middle and an end, and other times there is no end – just a rant on those things which I would amend or defend or more likely condemn. 

But I try to base that condemnation on an informed opinion. Saying something sucks is not in itself an opinion unless your can support the reason for said sucking in an articulate and thoughtful way. Ah, smell that, another wiff of jasmine in this jazzman’s mind. The keyboard wanted me to say wife instead of wiff but that would be a whole other story and while I’m certain that my wife loves me and supports my efforts I am fairly certain she does not want to be known as wife of the Jasmine Jazzman. 

I realize now that the reason I’m having difficulty with the wiff, which is now coming out as wifi, is that it’s spelled whiff. Ah, see there, no problem. A whiff of wifi made the wife wince. It was as if a simile assimilated to a similar situation and assembly was required. I look down at my desk and see a list. Shower mold, mulch, office ceiling, none of these appealing. I go back for that scent that makes my thoughts turn to things more pleasant than shower mold. Although there is something to be said for a good mold killer. I recommend ZEP. 

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